IOS 4 Update and the Smart Phone Revolution

What does the smart phone revolution mean for online retail?

With almost every week there is a new smart phone launch or software system update. Today was no different with the IOS 4 software update for the iPhone 3Gs and the 4G. What does this mean for retail, eCommerce and mobile eCommerce?

Mobile Search - Dar Lighting

Using Mobile Search to Buy Dar Lights

With the obvious handset enhancements that have flooded the market over the past 18 months, users have been gifted with the opportunity to window shop and actively purchase products direct from their handsets. Okay so the mobile search volumes are still relatively small when compared with traditional search, but the growth percentages can’t be ignored. Mobile search will have a firm foothold in the future of eCommerce marketing throughout retail.

Castlegate Lights have taken steps to ensure that our website user experience and our eCommerce marketing, will allow our customers the option of using mobile search as as well as tradition as search. If our customers want to browse our Dar lighting range from the comfort of their smart phone, then who are we to stand in there way 🙂

Castlegate Light have worked to ensure that our customers are able to buy any of our lights, including our stylish Dar Lights, from a mobile or a home PC. Why not try it for yourself today!

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