How To Create a More Relaxing Home

A home should be somewhere that allows you to relax after a long hard day at work. But with families, children, pets and other distractions of life, sometimes that chill out time you wanted becomes a distant memory. Creating a serene environment for yourself isn’t always easy, but when you are designing your home you should focus on crafting a relaxing space that you and everyone in your family can use to escape the stresses of the outside world.

If you are thinking of re-decorating or updating your home décor, then why not follow our ideas on how to create a more relaxing home.

Colours – Subtle Yet Stylish

When choosing your paint remember to opt for subtle colours such as duck egg blue, pastel greens, lilacs and creams. If you are going for wallpaper, then try not to pick a busy pattern and choose something that doesn’t over power the room. Paler shades are said to affect your psychology and help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Furniture – Less Is More

Many people feel the need to fill their room with as much furniture as possible, but if you want to create a more relaxing space, less is more. Only add pieces that are essential such as seating and storage and leave the unnecessary products in the shop. This will allow you to have more unoccupied space within your rooms which will create a more serene living space.

Bring The Outside In

There’s nothing more relaxing than nature, so make sure you add a few plants to your home. Opt for all green plants with less vibrant colours such as Bamboo, Cacti and Ivy. Peace Lilies are also great house plants to place in a room to perfect a calming atmosphere.

Hide The Clutter

Clutter is something we all have to deal with and is unavoidable is most homes, especially if you have children or pets. Try and make sure you have plenty of storage solutions such as cupboards and boxes so you have somewhere to hide the mess.

Light Up

Adding some new lighting to your home will help to create a more relaxed feel. At Castlegate Lights you will find a great selection for you to choose from in a range of calming designs. Below are some of our favourite lighting styles which are ideal for those wanting a more relaxed home.

    1. Astro Lighting Tube 600 Shade In Oyster Fabric Finsh For Use With Pendant And Wall Fittings
    2. Oaks Lighting Soft Grey 8 Inch Hard Lined Pencil Pleat Shade
    3. Dar Lighting Osaka Easy Fit Ceiling Light Pendant in an Antique Chrome Finish
    4. Dar Lighting Fence Easy Fit Ceiling Light Shade with a Wood and Metal Frame
    5. Dar Lighting Bugle Ceiling Light Pendant Shade In Cream Finish


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