Roundup of the Best Home Lighting Apps

With everything being available on an app in this modern day, home lighting is now no different. There are an abundance of exceptional apps which allow you to control and monitor your home lighting anywhere in the world, all from your smartphone. At Castlegate Lights, as we’re all about lights we’ve had a look and found what we think are the best free lighting apps for your home.

Lighting Calculations

Available for both iOS and android platforms this app is basically an energy calculator. Using internet access, the lighting calculations app allows you to work out how much energy each bulb in your house is using yearly. It provides the opportunity for you to work out how much money you are spending and how much you can save over the course of the year by switching to different options of bulbs. Although the basic version is free there is an additional in app cost for the premium version.

Control4 MyHome

This is a great app, but only if you purchase the sensor package to go in your home, which is granted a slight downfall. The plus side is the app is free and the sensor kit is not that expensive, but it really does work wonders. The app allows you to effortlessly control not only lighting but a range of other equipment in your home, including your TV and stereo.

mydlink Home

Probably our favourite app in the selection as we think it’s the most beneficial, therefor our top recommendation to download. Again the app is completely free to install and use, and just like the rest it allows you control the lighting in your home from your smartphone or tablet, but unlike the rest it has so much more to offer. The mydlink home app allows you to set timers on each of your connected lights and also monitor your monthly energy consumption and set a limit on how much you want to use.

Now you’re all set up with your home lighting apps, why not get some fancy new lighting from Castlegate Lighting? Check out our spectacular ranges available online today!

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