Lighting For Your Home: Kitchen

A room can take on a brand new look by simply adding or rearranging lighting options, and a kitchen is no different. As the kitchen is a room well frequented throughout a typical day, why not spend a little time looking at the kitchen lighting options available at Castlegate Lights.

Gone are the days of having only one lighting option of a single strip fluorescent light that cast an unflattering light on food preparations and gave an impersonal feel to a space that is often deemed the heart of a home. So discover how to expertly light your kitchen with an alternative option, such as spotlights which work to highlight the room in an aesthetically pleasing way. Equally spaced when installed in the ceiling to avoid over-heating, this type of lighting use energy-friendly LEDs, which will last a lot longer than regular light bulbs.

An additional lighting option is to include subtle lighting, which can dramatically change the feeling of a living space. These discreet of light underneath kitchen cupboards or on bottom panels are a subtle, gentle way of lighting a kitchen when full lighting is not required.



If your kitchen is open plan and includes a dining area, lighting is even more important. Consider a dimmer switch so you can set the mood for romantic meals or just relaxing over a meal with the family. A ceiling bar fitted with spotlights can throw light in a large room with adjustable spotlight heads.

To inject some style with your interior lighting, consider the industrial trend which has become popular in recent years. A ceiling pendant with a chrome or antique brass finish can add to the fashionable feel, and easily fit in with your home decor. A designer statement light can be an excellent focal point in a kitchen/dining room and we have a great range of ultra modern lighting to help make your home look stylish.




Designer lighting or simple subtle lighting, whatever your style, we’ve got you covered.

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