Pendant Lighting

Ceiling lights, like many of the other lighting styles, come in a whole range of finishes and designs. Because of its position, the ceiling light all too often gets forgotten. Our gaze generally exists much lower in any room (unless you’re particularly tall), so the space ‘up there’ becomes a secondary thought for many. This doesn’t mean you should gloss over pendant lights, as they can make a real impression in your home. Let’s take a look at what you can get just ‘hanging around’.

Your home probably already has a number of different lighting styles; floor lamps, wall lamps or table lamps, but ceiling pendants sometimes get overlooked. Pendants are a great way to add, not only light, but beauty and elegance to any room.

Choosing the right ceiling fitting can be tricky, but you should look at this as a good thing. The sheer range of styles we have available can make choosing the one that suits your home perfectly a difficult one, but one that gives you a multitude of options.

Even a single light pendant can provide ambient lighting in your living room or bedroom, or you can go all-out and create a focal point that gives a large amount of light and a very bold statement.

Most ceiling pendants are found in kitchens or hallways, but their adaptability means you can use them well in any room you have. Even in bedrooms, which are usually the smaller rooms in the home, can benefit from a pendant. It may seem a little unconventional in these rooms, but with a suitably adjusted cable, you can add a very personal touch to a room that will be the epitome of your own personal style.

Pendant lighting comes in as many different styles as any other lighting we stock. Whether you want a single light, cluster, chandelier or even an LED bar, you can create so many different moods with your ceiling lights. This also applies depending on your decor.

If your home is a traditional style, then we have something for you. Whether you like brushed gold ring pendants, tiffany designs, beige silk shades with nickel finishes or beautiful chrome and clear acrylic in the classic ‘chandelier’ style. They’ll look incredible taking centre spot in your room or hallway.

For those for whom the interior of your home is more contemporary, then you are also spoilt for choice. In many ways, the light itself isn’t the deciding factor when buying a new ceiling fitting. It’s usually the surrounding pendant shade that draws the eye. From the simple, but elegant, Dar Lighting, with its white finish and large pendant surrounding 3 lights to their LED bar in polished chrome and crystal, will both look as good on the ceiling as they would be hanging above your dining table.

For you minimalists and those liking cutting-edge decor, then you could choose something like Dar’s Abraham light or even Endon Lighting’s LED dimmable pendant which comes in gloss white and frosted acrylic. They will both look amazing in any home.

If you’re looking for something that sits beautifully between the traditional and the contemporary, then our range from Franklite, with their wide-brimmed ceiling pendants, come in a range of finishes and styles, but all echo the classic lines of a pendant. All would add a real sense of style to your home.

A pendant light, regardless of the style you choose, are the perfect way to light any room in your home. Their usefulness combined with their ability to both blend in or stand-out, can make them a genuinely must-have in every room. If you’ve never considered a pendant before, take a look at our range and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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