Brass Lighting

Most people, when they think about brass lighting, think about homes from the 1970s or ‘80s. Back in those days, brass was very popular. It looked like gold, and gave homes a certain style that was all the rage back then.

The thing is, the brass lighting that went out of style wasn’t actually brass, it was brass-plated. Solid brass stood the test of time and still looks great even today. Solid brass never actually fell out of fashion, in fact, brass lighting is now one of 2017 hottest trends. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from these stunning lights.

You might think brass is a simple choice, but there is so much more to it. You can get antique brass, satin brass, brass plate and even blackened brass. Whilst some of those descriptions are marketing choices by certain manufacturers, they can’t hide the subtle warmth they all bring. All of those incredible finishes come together to collectively offer some stunning brass lighting choices, no matter what your home decor style is.

Brass fittings, no matter which style you opt for, give your home a warm, rich tone which adds beauty to any room. Their caramel hue blends in with your homes decor, regardless of the season. It adds a refreshing contrast in spring, a complementary tone in summer, a sympathetic autumnal tone and a warmth in the colder months of winter.

Gone are the days of brass lighting only your parents would choose, raw metals like brass are a much more adaptable and flexible material than most people give it credit for. They can be as contemporary as polished chrome and yet as traditional as any other. It brings both a sense of nostalgia and comfort in a multitude of styles.

When it comes to lighting, few materials complement your existing furniture more than brass. If you’re going for a modern, minimalist style, then brass lighting, whether that’s wall lights, table lights or pendants, give you a very striking contrast. If you’ve got lighter wooden furniture, then that contrast is even more impressive. Even in the most lifeless space, brass fixtures can create an interesting feature that you will love to see every day and your visitors will admire, every time they call.

Whatever your budget, brass light fittings can look as high-end as any other style. You can certainly get fittings that look like they’ve been in your family for centuries, but you can also go cutting edge. Depending on how the fitting has been finished, they can suit any style. The polished brass is classically shiny, whilst brushed brass is more subtle.

No manufacturer seems to have embraced brass more than Endon. They are by no means the only company doing some incredible things with this metal (just look at Diyas or Interiors 1900 for more), but Endon’s range covers a multitude of styles that are sure to look superb in any home.

If you’re looking for a brass pendant, then there is bound to be one that suits your home. From the more traditionally styled Beckinsale or Brydon lights, through to the Ford or Dickens, which play with your expectations of what a brass light can or should be.

For those of you for whom 2017 is starting with a little redecoration, then adding some brass lighting might just be the new style you’ve been looking for. Take a look at our wide range and you’ll soon appreciate what brass lighting can bring to your home, now and for years ahead.

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