7 Best Living Room Lighting Ideas for a Cosy Living Room

Other than the bedroom, the living room is probably where we spend the most time. Whether you call it the living room, the lounge or the sitting room, it’s where we relax, wind down and spend time with the family, so it must feel warm, secure and comfortable. Sumptuous lighting can help achieve this relaxing mood. As a versatile room, you might also use it to host guests, so by adding various light layers, you can create a functional and relaxing space for multiple uses. 

Whether you have modern or vintage decor, we offer hundreds of lighting styles to match your aesthetic and illuminate your living room. Discover endless options within our seven living room lighting ideas.

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How to light a living room

Most living rooms will have multiple lights, including the primary light in the centre of the ceiling, which provides ambient light to the entire room. 

The perfect way to illuminate your living room is through ambient lighting. Ambient lighting refers to the overall light in a space. It gives you a comfortable brightness level without glare and ensures you can walk around your home safely. You can use ceiling lights or wall lights to create ambient living room lighting. 

You can then supplement the ambient lighting with accent lighting and task lighting. For example, add a table lamp to help you read in the evening or a floor lamp to illuminate a dark corner or highlight an architectural or design feature.

Swapping between multiple lighting sources can help you alter the living room’s atmosphere and purpose by changing the mood. You will need to consider the size of your space, what you want to use it for and how you want it to make you feel when planning living room lighting. 

What is the best lighting for the living room?

If you want to replicate the feeling of warmth to ensure your living room is cosy, here are our seven best ways to light a living room to suit every family member.

Edit Lighting Wassily Flush Ceiling Fitting In Black With Clear Glass

Ceiling lights

When lighting your living room, start with your primary light, the ceiling light. Your ceiling light will illuminate your entire room, providing a general ambience. There are thousands of options to browse in various styles to suit your home, but here are the basics.

Iluzzia Karatasi Ceiling Pendant Light with Bamboo Shade


Pendant lights are a fantastic option for living room lighting as they provide general lighting without being too harsh, perfect for creating a mellow, low-light ambience. 

Many pendant lights come with downward-facing shades, so if you have a coffee table in the centre of the room, it will perfectly highlight the room’s centre, drawing people to the hub of the home.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more extravagant design that will provide interior design interest and become a focal point in the room that people can admire. 

With hundreds of styles to browse, from industrial chic to ultra-modern artistic designs, find the perfect pendant light for your living room here at Castlegate Lights.  

The Italian Collection Oracle Slim Round Flush Ceiling Fitting in Black

Flush and semi-flush ceiling lights

If you still want an ambient light effect in your living room but have low ceilings, your best option is a flush or semi-flush ceiling light. A flush ceiling light will provide general lighting to your living room without protruding into your living space. 

Many flush lights feature a frosted diffuser to prevent a harsh glare from ruining the relaxing atmosphere in your living room.

Flush ceiling lights also have a more subtle quality. They can blend better into your decor without drawing too much attention if you have other interior features you want to showcase. Equally, your flush lighting doesn’t have to be boring. We offer hundreds of intricately designed flush lights that will pique your guests’ interest, look elegant and tie your living space together. 

From modern and innovative designs to vintage-style crystal flush ceiling lights, find the perfect flush living room lights for low ceilings at Castlegate Lights. 

Dar Lighting Achates Ceiling Pendant in Polished French Gold with Agate Detailing


If you have a grand home or want to elevate the aesthetic of your living room, go all out with a chandelier. Elegantly hanging in the centre of the room, a chandelier will provide an exquisite centrepiece for your living room while also offering general lighting. 

You can go extravagant and choose a chandelier with crystal beading and multiple arms, or opt for a more subtle light fitting. 

Any of our chandeliers will create a “wow” factor in your living room if you use your living room as an entertaining space. From intricate and loopy designs fit for a ballroom to contemporary geometric patterns to complement your modern home, we have an extensive range of chandeliers to illuminate your living room at Castlegate Lights.

Astro Velo 280 Ceramic Wall Fitting In White

Wall lights

Another way to illuminate your living room is using wall lights. Depending on the light type and where you place them, wall lights can produce ambient light to the entire living room if you have enough dotted around. They can also act as accent lights. From candlelight fittings to up and down lights, create a mellow and relaxing atmosphere in your living room with wall lights.

Interiors 1900 Pearl Classic Tiffany Wall Uplighter with Dark Bronze


Sometimes called wall scones, uplighters are a fantastic way to illuminate your living room. To use them as ambient lighting, strategically place multiple uplighters around the living room walls to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. 

Uplighters cast light upwards to create a low-light glow so you don’t have harsh lighting where you want to relax. If you have unusual texture on your wall, they can also highlight that texture. 

From modern and sleek styles to art deco concepts, choose uplighters that best suit your living room decor from Castlegate Lights. 

The Italian Collection Picture Light In Polished Brass

Picture lights

Picture lights are another fantastic way to use light in your living room. Use picture lights if you have any wall art, family portraits, paintings or photography you want to highlight.

Picture lights are accent light that subtly illuminates your framed art to draw the eye towards it without adding glare. Add another light layer to your living room and showcase any beautiful art you have in the evening and the daytime. 

From sleek, minimalistic lines for contemporary homes to maximalist detailing for a vintage or traditional aesthetic, there is a picture light for every living room aesthetic at Castlegate Lights.  

Lucide Extravaganza Coconut Table Lamp in Gold Complete with Green Shade


Lamps are a great way to soften the mood in your living room. If you want a diffused, mellow light to help you relax and wind down after a long day, turn off your ceiling or wall lights and turn on the lamps. They also have illuminated dim corners that the ambient light might not reach. Lamps also provide task lighting where you need extra light to read.

Edit lighting Teide Ceramic Table Lamp In White

Table lamps

Add multiple light layers to your living room with a table lamp or two. They will illuminate an end table or a console unit beautifully. With hundreds of stunning and innovative designs, the table lamp you choose will also add to the interior design of your living room. 

Whether you’re relaxing and watching TV with the family, need extra light for reading or create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests, table lamps are essential for altering the mood of your living room.

From classically designed table lamps with pleated shades to ultra-modern table lamps with unconventional designs, there is something for every interior style in our table lamp collection at Castlgate Lights. 

Lucide Leanne Floor Lamp In Black

Floor lamps

Floor lamps also help add varying light layers to living rooms. Similarly to table lamps, floor lamps can beautifully brighten a dull corner of the living room, for example, by the side of a sofa or console table. Choose a floor lamp that complements the style of your living room. Many of our brands offer unusual and stylish floor lamps that add to your interior design besides being functional.

Floor lamps provide a more mellow light to calm the mood, perfect for relaxing in your living room with the family. Depending on the beam angle, floor lamps can also provide concentrated light to help complete tasks like crocheting or reading, especially a mother & child lamp, a miniature task light attached to the floor lamp neck. 

Change the lighting atmosphere of your living room depending on your mood with a selection of floor lamps. With so many styles to choose from vintage designs to modern innovations, browse our floor lamp collection at Castlegate Lights and complete your living room lighting today.

Living room lighting at Castlegate Lights

Given how much time we use our living rooms, we need a space that works for multiple occasions. Whether winding down after a long day, cuddled up with a book or entertaining guests, you need multiple light layers to transform the mood of your living room for each occasion.

When planning your lighting scheme, always choose your ambient light first, then your accent and task lights to add varying layers. To start planning your living room lighting, visit our living room lights collection at Castlegate Lights. 

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