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Facts About LED Lighting You Never Knew

In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and make our home much greener, many have already made the transition to LED lighting; but what advantages does it really have? Is it worth switching your entire home to LED? To help you decide, here’s just a handful of interesting facts about LED and other low energy bulbs. If each household in the UK installed one energy saving bulb, the CO2 saved could fill the Royal Albert Hall 2,000 times over. On average, lighting accounts for 20% of a household’s electricity... Read More

International Year of Light 2015

2015 is the International Year of Light and here at Castlegate Lights we can’t wait to see what this exciting year has in store! The importance of modern light technology cannot be ignored and this year the world will see just how much of an impact light will have on our future. Back in 2013, the UN decided that 2015 would be a year that celebrates and recognises the importance of light based technologies whilst promoting solutions to “challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health’. With hundreds of partners and... Read More

Lighting by Numbers! Illuminating the World’s Brightest Monuments

Some of the world’s greatest sights are created using the humble lightbulb, from the stunning displays at Disneyworld to the romantic lights of the Eiffel Tower at night. We have looked at some of the most popular monuments from around the world to see just how much it takes to power them. You may not complain about the cost of a replacement light bulb again! Remember, we offer free bulbs with every light fitting – there’s one load off your mind! Like our infographic, why not share it with your... Read More