The Ultimate Garden Lighting Guide

Summer evenings are upon us, and if you’re looking for ways to maximise the time you have outside, our ultimate garden lighting guide will give you an ideal burst of inspiration. Whether we’re lounging after a long day of working, or spending evenings outdoors entertaining friends, having an ambient, inviting space to enjoy is more appealing than ever before — and outdoor summer lights are one of the quickest, easiest ways to achieve this! Ready to spruce your space up with some outdoor lighting? Read on as we share some... Read More


A Guide to Christmas Lights

With Christmas quickly approaching, shops are beginning to chime our favourite Christmas songs and the present shopping is well underway. It’s the time of year where you begin to think about making the annual venture into the loft to blow the cobwebs off the Christmas decorations, the family heirlooms and the lights that you’ve had for as long as you can remember.  We have all experienced that moment of dread: you undertake the challenge of that is the untangling of the lights, you have yourself contorted trying to unravel those... Read More


5 perfect upcycling ideas for your old light bulbs.

Replacing light bulbs can be infuriating, just when you have every bulb in the house working; one always seems to break. But do you ever feel wasteful throwing them out? Here at Castlegate Lights we have the perfect blog that will show you how to reuse your cast off bulbs in the garden. Being able to reuse your light bulbs is the perfect way to save yourself some money, if you’re prepared to get down with some DIY then these may be some ideal solutions for you. The best part... Read More