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LED Bulbs

Castlegate Lights stock a fine range of lighting with different styles and bulbs, one of them being LED bulbs. LED bulbs are commonly used in lights which highlight a certain area, for example placed in a collectables cupboard to show off your ornaments.

LED bulbs don't emit as much light as other bulb types, creating a beautiful glow to one area. As LED bulbs don't emit much light on their own you will normally find multiple LED bulbs in one light. This is common practice with LED's.

LED bulbs can be easily damaged by high temperatures, this is why they usually include a heat management system such as heat skins and cooling fins (hidden by fittings). LED bulbs have a longer life span, however the initial costs are higher than the usual light bulb. LED lighting does however provide a more clear cut light.

If you are thinking of buying a LED light then buy from the experts. View our LED lighting range today at Castlegate