Castlegate Lights

WI-FI Lighting

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like tinsel, mince pies and more lighting wires than you can shake a festive stick at. Putting up your Christmas lights can mean untangling a sea of cables and, even once you’ve done that, finding a place to put the controller often means it gets lost and you’re stuck with the same lighting patterns day in, day out. Now we’re deep into the 21st century, that just seems so old-fashioned. What you need is Wi-Fi enabled lights! The internet has given us many modern benefits to help... Read More

Konstsmide Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of Christmas that often gets overlooked. When we think ‘Christmas’, we might think about the presents, the dinner or the tree, but all of those things are enhanced by lighting. Whether it comes from naked light through candles or the electric variety we’ve come to rely on. Either way, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without something to light up the darkness. For us, only one name really comes to mind when we think about Christmas lighting, and that’s Konstsmide. Konstsmide’s range of traditional, modern and even... Read More

Acrylic Christmas Lighting

When we think about Christmas lights, we tend to think about candles or fairy lights on the tree. In recent years, even fibre-optic lights have begun to encroach on this traditional duo. Technology has given us many things and this includes lights. There are now so many different variations of the way lights are lit, but also in the materials we can use to make them. Acrylic has given us a range of lights that may never have been possible without it. Acrylic is a coverall term for products that... Read More

Wazowsky Light Speaker

Wazowsky lights aren’t named after the little green hero of Monsters Inc, but are just as much fun for children, teenagers or adults as our favourite wise-cracking cyclop! If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday present that’s a little different but is sure to bring a smile to their faces, then the Mantra Wazowsky light speaker might just be exactly what you’re looking for. There is more to this particular light than meets the eye. The first thing you’ll notice is the distinctive design. Looking like a cross between... Read More

Christmas Lighting

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is on its way. No sooner have we paid off the last one, than the festive period is upon us again. Christmas means so many things to so many people. For you it might mean time off from work, spending time with family and friends, eating your own bodyweight in chocolates or just relaxing in front of the fire and a good movie, Christmas is an amazing time of the year. Of all the iconic Christmas imagery we have to choose from, nothing says... Read More

Living Room Lighting

Other than perhaps the bedroom, the living room is probably the room in the home that we spend the most time in. In your home, whether you call it the living room, the lounge, the sitting room or the front place, we all need to feel warm, secure and comfortable in our homes. There’s no better way to do that than with some sumptuous lighting that can set the mood, regardless of what you’re doing in there. Modern lighting now comes in so many different styles when it comes to... Read More

Traditional Lighting

Walk into most lighting showrooms these days and you’ll be amazed by the sheer range of lights you can buy. You could also be forgiven for thinking that everyone in the world is buying incredibly stylised, contemporary lighting, but that isn’t the case. Traditional lighting still has its place in any home, regardless of age. When you think about it, the term ‘traditional’ is entirely subjective. What might represent traditional lighting with one person, might mean something completely different for another. Whatever traditional means to you, we’ve got a range... Read More

Halloween Lighting

With Halloween just around the corner, our newly found love for all things spooky and kooky coincides nicely with the darker nights, especially when it comes to decorating your home in Halloween-centric lighting. It’s time to bring out your scary side and find out how to light the darker corners of your room and have some fun whilst doing it. When it comes to Halloween, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time. It’s hard to think of a time when Halloween was simply defined by... Read More

David Hunt Lighting

You may not have heard of David Hunt Lighting, but we’re fairly certain you’ll have seen some of their incredible work, especially if you’ve dropped into our store recently. David Hunt Lighting have been producing their own distinctive range of lighting, first from their Birmingham studio, then in their current home in the Cotswolds, for over 100 years. Ever since they were founded back in the 1800s, David Hunt Lighting have been designing and manufacturing their original lighting designs to an incredibly high standard. They’ve lasted much longer than most... Read More

Tiffany Lamps

Other than the humble candle, the Tiffany Lamp is probably the most well-known and most instantly recognisable piece of lighting in the world. The classic Tiffany Lamp was originally part of the Art Nouveau movement, which inspired the art world between 1980 and 1910. The lamp itself is symbolised by a glass shade, in often a multitude of stunning colours. It was made famous by its stained leaded glass lamp that was showcased at the World’s Columbian Expo, held in Chicago in 1893. Tiffany lamps originated from the work done... Read More