Christmas Lighting


Save them from the loft! Using Christmas Lights All Year Round

Putting up your decorations is an exciting time, decorating your tree with a glass of sherry in hand, music playing in the background and finally, it’s time to relax and be merry!  But no one ever likes taking the decorations down and going back up into the loft as much as they do putting them up!  It’s an arduous task that nobody enjoys, with reams of boxes and bags precariously placed in the loft for another year. But what if we could save our beloved Christmas lights from the horrors... Read More

WI-FI Lighting

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like tinsel, mince pies and more lighting wires than you can shake a festive stick at. Putting up your Christmas lights can mean untangling a sea of cables and, even once you’ve done that, finding a place to put the controller often means it gets lost and you’re stuck with the same lighting patterns day in, day out. Now we’re deep into the 21st century, that just seems so old-fashioned. What you need is Wi-Fi enabled lights! The internet has given us many modern benefits to help... Read More

Acrylic Christmas Lighting

When we think about Christmas lights, we tend to think about candles or fairy lights on the tree. In recent years, even fibre-optic lights have begun to encroach on this traditional duo. Technology has given us many things and this includes lights. There are now so many different variations of the way lights are lit, but also in the materials we can use to make them. Acrylic has given us a range of lights that may never have been possible without it. Acrylic is a coverall term for products that... Read More

Christmas Lighting

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is on its way. No sooner have we paid off the last one, than the festive period is upon us again. Christmas means so many things to so many people. For you it might mean time off from work, spending time with family and friends, eating your own bodyweight in chocolates or just relaxing in front of the fire and a good movie, Christmas is an amazing time of the year. Of all the iconic Christmas imagery we have to choose from, nothing says... Read More

Light Up Your Home Ready for Christmas

The holiday adverts are appearing on our screens, supermarket shelves are full of chocolate and festive goodies and here at Castlegate Lights we cannot wait to start decorating our homes for Christmas! Whether you prefer a classic, traditional approach or prefer to throw caution to the wind and experiment with new colours and styles, our Christmas lights selection is the perfect place to start shopping. Here are our top picks from this years’ selection. Red Parcels with Snow Top and Green Bow Nothing says Christmas is coming like these fun,... Read More


Glowing With Charm

Outstanding Christmas lights are a big part of modern festivities, so if you haven’t already indulged this year, take a look at our spectacular selection of lights made especially for the season. Our charming range includes LED rope lights, multi-action strings of lights, and a wide collection of welcome lights. Our favourites include the simple but very effective Clear 70 Led Ice Cube Chaser Lights from Premier Decorations, and the detailed Konstsmide Welcome Candle Bridge in Natural Wood with Motifs. For a breathtaking display, we also love the Premier Decorations... Read More