Outdoor Lighting

Searchlight Lighting

Lighting has many uses. We can use it to illuminate the darkness, we can use it to create a sense of warmth on the coldest of days and we can use it for our own security and peace of mind. We’ve come a long way from Thomas Edison’s first lightbulb which debuted in 1879. When most people hear the term ‘searchlight’, they might immediately think of 20th Century Fox’s iconic logo, or the quintessential lighthouse beam. When we hear it, we think about incredibly well-made lights from one of the... Read More

Garden Party Lighting

As we’re in the midst of spring, it won’t be long before we’re dusting off the garden furniture and spending our spare time erecting gazebos and trimming the foliage. That’s right – it’s almost garden party season! Whilst us Brits certainly know how to throw a party at the slightest hint of sun breaking through the clouds, what happens when the night rolls in and you’re not ready to retire into the comfort of your home? Garden and outdoor lighting should never be overlooked, as they allow you to party... Read More

The Perfect Outdoor Lighting

It may be rare in Britain that we actually get the weather to enjoy our gardens, but on those small number of days that we do, it’s great to have an outdoor area that we can spend time in. Placing outdoor lighting in and around your garden is a great way to update your outdoor space and knowing what designs work best and how you can utilise these styles is essential for those who want to create a garden to be proud of. Modern Style A contemporary style has never been... Read More

Bonfire Night Safety & Top Tips

It’s finally that time of year again, the leaves have started falling, the temperature is dropping and the nights are getting longer. Bonfire night is now only around the corner, while as fun as it is, fireworks going off, sparklers to play with and a lot of food around you still need to remember safety! At Castlegate Lights we’ve put together safety guide and top tips on how to enjoy bonfire night sensibly and safely, especially when it comes to lighting fireworks and bonfires.

Summer Lighting Concepts

The lighter nights are (apparently!) just around the corner so what better time to dust off your garden furniture and start planning your summer lighting concept. There’s nothing better than kicking back in your garden, watching the sun slowly set and enjoying a BBQ with friends and family. With the right lighting you can stay up until the early hours and we’ve picked out our favourites from two must have brands in our outdoor lighting section. Take a look at our top picks and let us know which one you would... Read More

Autumn Lighting: Work the New Season into Your Home

The days are getting shorter and darkness has started creeping in earlier, yes the summer is coming to an end making way for autumn/winter 2013. Just as the fashion trends change, so do home décor concepts. The bright and breezy look that worked well for the summer just will not cut it when you need your home to feel warm and cosy, this is why it is important to start planning how you will transform your home for the coming season. Here are our expert tips to creating the perfect... Read More

Staying Outdoors This Summer

The UK is currently enjoying a proper summer, with blue skies aplenty and hot sun rays beaming down, everybody is spending more time outdoors enjoying this luxury weather. Summer time isn’t the season you particularly associate with lighting due to the already bright nights, but it is the perfect time to make sure your garden is properly illuminated. With summer time in full swing the night time sky is often still light until 10pm, combined with the highest temperatures you have the perfect atmosphere for a garden party! Before a... Read More


Outdoor Lighting for Summer Nights.

Outdoor lighting serves much more than a functional purpose; it can provide style, tranquillity & an atmosphere which a lightless garden simply cannot. For an inexpensive cost, your garden can be transformed from a lifeless burden to an illuminated haven and thus, create the perfect setting for a summer night’s garden party. Found in a range of spectacular designs, outdoor lighting is becoming more & more popular. Leading lighting brands such as Dar & Endon offer an elegant & exclusive range sure to set the summer mood we long for.... Read More


The Perfect Touch for a Summer’s Evening!

Make the most of your summer nights by setting the perfect mood in your garden. From classic Elstead lanterns & light posts to modern Firstlight LED wall & step lights, here at Castlegate we have a stunning outdoor & garden range at spectacular prices. So why not visit us today and give your garden the light it needs to make your summer evening bbq’s & parties that little bit more perfect.