Garden Party Lighting

As we’re in the midst of spring, it won’t be long before we’re dusting off the garden furniture and spending our spare time erecting gazebos and trimming the foliage. That’s right – it’s almost garden party season! Whilst us Brits certainly know how to throw a party at the slightest hint of sun breaking through the clouds, what happens when the night rolls in and you’re not ready to retire into the comfort of your home? Garden and outdoor lighting should never be overlooked, as they allow you to party the night away with family and friends in the space of your garden.

So what types of lighting will you need to ensure the lack of lights puts a dampener on your party plans? We’ve picked out some of our favourites from the latest collections of lights from Castlegate Lights.  

Wall Lights

As far as outdoor lighting goes, wall lights are a great all rounder and should be considered first. This is because wall lights come in handy all-year-round, not just for the summer and your parties. Providing light on the perimeters of your home, wall lights can be installed anywhere from your porch to your garden shed. They not only add curb appeal to your home, they also act a security feature as they’ll deter thieves who can normally remain unnoticed in the darkness.

We’ve chosen this example by Konstsmide. Not only does it feature 2 lights to provide light both above and beneath the fitting, it’s finished in galvanised steel; which makes it suitable for both contemporary and traditional properties.

Post Lights

As with any garden party, there’ll be people making frequent trips to the house for use of the toilet, so it’s essential that all the footpaths and walkways are clear of debris and illuminated properly. A great way to achieve this is by using post lights – they take up a minimal amount of room and can be dotted around winding paths or placed on patios.

This post light by Franklite offers excellent value for money and, even better, it’s low energy! So it won’t send your electricity bills through the roof.

If you’re wanting to light up a larger area, such as decking or sitting areas with a post light, you could opt for a lamp post. They offer a good deal of light output and also add plenty of character to your outdoor space.

Make it fun! 

Finally, it’s time to make your garden more fun; it is a party after all! In typical garden party fashion, we’ll first look at adding some festoon lighting. Festoon lights are used in beer gardens and outdoor events for their ease of installation and their ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This set of 20 will be more than enough to light up your gazebo or walkway.


Now it’s time to add a bit of colour. The last thing you want when placing lights around your garden are cables – they’re messy and make the whole installation process more time consuming. Instead, choose some good quality solar-powered lights to add around your garden. They don’t have any wires and they don’t require any batteries, so you can just put them in and forget about them! They’ll turn on automatically when the light diminishes – easy!

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