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scandinavian lighting, scandi style lights, scandi table lamps 12/03/2019
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Scandinavian Lighting: How to Get the Scandi Style

  Looking for simple, chic and effortlessly stylish lighting for your home? The minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian lighting could be the perfect choice. Characterised by clean lines, natural materials and stripped-back designs, Scandi style lighting finds the balance between modern and rustic to create stylish and inviting spaces throughout your interiors. From Scandi table lamps to ceiling lights and wall lights, here at Castlegate Lights we have a wide range of Scandinavian lighting designs for you to explore. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to show you how you... Read More

Office lighting, office lighting ideas, home office lighting, office lamps 15/02/2019
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Home Office Lighting Ideas: Our Top Picks for Transforming Your Workspace

Workspace leaving you feeling uninspired? Creating the right working environment is vital when it comes to motivation and success and finding the right home office lighting is a big part of this. Ensuring your room is well lit and bright can make a huge difference to your productivity and mood, helping your office feel like somewhere you want to spend time in, rather than avoid! Here at Castlegate Lights, we’ve listed our top picks for how you can transform your workspace with some simple home office lighting ideas   1.... Read More


What Types Of Light To Use In The Dining Room

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. If that’s true, then the dining room must be the brain. It’s the place where the family can come together to discuss the events of the day, talk about their successes, their problems, share jokes, plan new memories and enjoy each other’s company, even for just an hour or so as a cohesive unit over a delicious meal. Home design tackles the dining room in numerous ways; whether that’s through a kitchen-diner, a lounge-diner or as a separate room... Read More


Different Types of Bathroom Lighting

For the time we spend in the bathroom, you could be forgiven for thinking that the lighting in that little girls (or boys) room isn’t too important, but hold that thought! Clever lighting can give any bathroom, wet room or shower cubicle the illumination it deserves. If you think about it, you might be surprised just how much time you spend in the bathroom over the course of a week. Obviously, there will be the main ‘number 1’ and ‘number 2’ reasons, but the bathroom can be so much more... Read More


The Importance Of Lighting In The Bedroom

The average person sleeps for about 8 hours per night. If you live to 75 years old, you’ll spend about 25 of those years asleep. Now clearly living a third of your life in the darkness might lead you to think that the bedroom lighting isn’t so important, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether your bedroom is used for sleeping, reading, getting ready for a big night out or even setting the mood for a big night in, creating the right atmosphere in any bedroom is vital.... Read More


How To Utilise Walkover Lighting

This lighting lark is no walkover, unless of course, it is! The term might be new to you, but walkover lighting has really taken off in recent years, especially since our love affair with interior design began. If the term ‘walkover lighting’ is new to you, allow us to explain a little more. The name ‘walkover lighting’ isn’t a clever marketing term, it’s simply means lighting that can be walked over. We did say it was simple! Whether that means it’s been integrated into flooring or stairs or, if used... Read More


How Low Energy Lighting Can Save You Money

We’ve all become much more environmentally friendly in recent years. We separate our cans, we flatten our cardboard and we squeeze the air out of our plastic bottles, all to help the planet. Our green credentials need not stop there. We can take the battle to help save the world into our homes through low energy, high quality lighting, both inside and out. Energy efficient lighting has come a long way since the humble candle. These days, technology has given us some fantastically stylish ways that we can illuminate our... Read More

Elstead Lighting

Of all the lighting we sell, there are few manufacturers that embody the sheer range of styles, finishes and designs that Elstead Lighting does. Elstead are a British company that have been going since the 17th century. They specialise in the manufacture and distribution of lighting all over the world, but they’re based right here in the UK. They offer almost every type of light, from wall to table, pendant to outdoor, in almost every possible style, from the most traditional to the cutting edge. We are delighted to have... Read More

Coastal Lighting

We’re blessed here in the north-east never to be too far from the glorious coastline that our region has to offer. From the glorious sandy beaches to the photogenic cliffs, our coast forms an integral part of who we are. You might be asking what that has got to do with lighting, well let us explain. If you’re lucky enough to be able to see the sea from your window, then you’ll probably already have taken the ethos of coastal lighting to your heart. The need for non-corrosive, weather resistant... Read More


Brass Lighting

Most people, when they think about brass lighting, think about homes from the 1970s or ‘80s. Back in those days, brass was very popular. It looked like gold, and gave homes a certain style that was all the rage back then. The thing is, the brass lighting that went out of style wasn’t actually brass, it was brass-plated. Solid brass stood the test of time and still looks great even today. Solid brass never actually fell out of fashion, in fact, brass lighting is now one of 2017 hottest trends.... Read More