Wall Lights

Wall lights have had a bad rap in recent years. Most people will consider them to be the sole preserve of stately homes or the 1970s, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Being able to supplement your room (or even garden) lighting with some beautiful, strategically placed wall lights gives you so many more options in how you light your favourite spaces.

Like many of the lights we stock, wall lights come in a multitude of styles, finishes and designs. There is so much more to wall lighting than you might think, so let’s take a look at how you can use them to great effect.

Whether you’re redesigning your garden, or wanting to redecorate that one room in your home that needs another lick of paint, wall lights are the perfect way of creating a whole new look.  The trick to any successful redesign is picking the right wall light for you. You need one that, obviously, fits in with your own decor but one that gives off the most suitable amount of light.

For friends, family and even strangers visiting your home, a wall light is probably the first thing they see. Most of us will have a light at our front door which, by its very nature, is a wall light.  If you’re wanting to redefine the first impression visitors have, then we would recommend a wall light that gives a strong image and can be a prominent feature that stands out, both during the day and at night. You don’t want to blind anyone with a bulb that’s so strong, but it should give a warm, welcoming glow. We stock many fantastic wall lights that come with a sensor that will illuminate when they sense a presence, giving you both piece of mind and a stunning lighting feature.

It might not feel like it right now, but summer is right around the corner. If you’re wanting to utilise your outdoor spaces more in the coming months, then wall lights are a fantastic way of creating a relaxing, yet practical space in the garden.

Being able to create the perfect environment comes down to lighting. Wall lights that can be useful, yet don’t draw the focus of attention onto themselves, will create some beautiful lighting schemes. There are some fantastic lanterns from Elstead and Dar that will look fabulous wherever you place them. If you’re looking to spotlight your decking, patio or pathway whilst creating very stylish lights, then you should take a look at our lights from Firstlight or Eglo for a very modern take on the quintessential wall light.

In recent years, our willingness and ability to embrace lighting has meant that we’ve grown more knowledgeable and appreciative about how it can serve us and enhance our homes. Whether we’re lighting our rooms, our gardens or walkways, wall lights can come together to create some incredible effects.

Spotlights especially are a fantastic way to highlight walkways, whether you want them to the focal point or blend into their surroundings, they can be both sensor or manually-controlled and can illuminate even the darkest of places giving you piece of mind where you need it most.

Wall lights have come a long way in recent years. If they are something you’ve never considered before, then maybe it’s time to think again at the multitude of styles, functionality and designs on offer. They give your home a fresh outlook and some stunning options wherever you choose to put them. Check out the best we have to offer right here.

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