Searchlight Lighting

Lighting has many uses. We can use it to illuminate the darkness, we can use it to create a sense of warmth on the coldest of days and we can use it for our own security and peace of mind. We’ve come a long way from Thomas Edison’s first lightbulb which debuted in 1879.

When most people hear the term ‘searchlight’, they might immediately think of 20th Century Fox’s iconic logo, or the quintessential lighthouse beam. When we hear it, we think about incredibly well-made lights from one of the longest-established lighting firms in the UK.

Searchlight grew from a small business founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger, a great name if ever we’ve heard one! From humble beginnings, the company grew into one of the very best suppliers of decorative lighting across the world and we are delighted to be one of them.

Some of the Searchlight products we stock are designed exactly how you would expect them to look. Others belie the image the name conveys. They cover lights made specifically for the ceiling, the wall, the table and the floor. They also have a fantastic range of outdoor lighting. Their designs cover both traditional and modern classics, right through to contemporary and some incredible innovative lighting designs that look amazing wherever you place them.

If you’re looking for some very stylish outdoor lighting, then we have some fantastic styles that will make your outdoor spaces look and feel amazing as we head into summer. If you’re looking to highlight your decking, patio or pathway, then we have some very contemporary spotlights, fitted via a spike or stainless steel bracket. They both come with a single light LED and you can have them with either black finish or stainless steel.

As we mentioned, and despite their name, Searchlight products aren’t just confined to your outdoor spaces. They do some beautifully elegant wall, table and ceiling lights that will suit any room in your home.

If you prefer your lighting in a more traditional style, then we have some ageless table lamps with a wide range of wooden bases. They cover a multitude of colours, from grey to beige and from cream to washed wood, all with a twisted or spindle base. They would look fantastic on a coffee table, console table or sideboard and will give your room and beautiful warm feel.

For those of you with more contemporary tastes, Searchlight more than have you covered. In particular, the Bellis Single Light Touch Table lamp in floral glass and polished chrome will be both a beautiful way to illuminate your room, but also a stunning piece of design and a real talking point with family and friends alike. Similarly, their round opal white glass shade looks stylishly simple, but is also classically modern in its design.

Whatever style you choose to go for, our range of Searchlight products are sure to suit your style. From the very, very modern to the comfortably traditional, there will be something for you. If you’re already thinking about redecorating your home ready for the yearly spring clean, take a look at our range of Searchlight products on our website and be ready to shine a light on some amazing ways to illuminate any space you have.

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