Acrylic Christmas Lighting

When we think about Christmas lights, we tend to think about candles or fairy lights on the tree. In recent years, even fibre-optic lights have begun to encroach on this traditional duo. Technology has given us many things and this includes lights. There are now so many different variations of the way lights are lit, but also in the materials we can use to make them. Acrylic has given us a range of lights that may never have been possible without it.

Acrylic is a coverall term for products that are derived from acrylic acid or related compound. When it comes to lighting, it refers to a clear, glass-like plastic known as PMMA, or poly(methyl) methacrylate! It’s no wonder why most people call this ‘acrylic glass’!

It works as a light because around 92% of visible light can pass through acrylic, and it also is less likely to break down when exposed to long-term sunlight or electrical light. Lighting designs have become incredibly sophisticated in recent years. This has been made possible thanks to acrylic, and the fact that it’s only around half as heavy as its glass counterpart.

Manufacturers use acrylic, rather than glass, because of its many advantages. Acrylic is actually stronger than glass and therefore much safer, especially around the home. This is a clear benefit when dealing with lighting, but also because it’s a better insulator.

They’re not just confined to novelty or Christmas lights, although they do look great, but acrylic is used as both a base material or as part of the shades. At the time of year though, let’s see what they can bring to your home this Christmas.

One of the best manufacturers of acrylic lights, especially around Christmas time, is Konstsmide. We wrote a blog about them specifically right here, and their designs are the epitome of both acrylic lighting and Christmas combined, but they’re not the only one.

Both Konstsmide and Premier Decorations both do a delightful range of acrylic lights, so there is bound to be one that will literally light up your Christmas holidays.

Acrylic lights can be used both inside and outside the home. They come in a multitude of styles, all produced to the highest quality and can be powered by battery or via the mains. Whether you want to bring out the fun side of Christmas with some acrylic animal lights, you can use them in the windows or in the porch, but they also look fantastic in the garden to create your own alternative nativity scene.

Inside the home, they really come into their own. If you want to go for a very contemporary look with a large LED snowflake, lighting the way into your home, or the more traditional festive ornaments like a gingerbread house or church that can adorn your home, our range of acrylic lights will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s be honest, Christmas lights only add to the tangled mess of cables our homes have become. If you don’t need anymore plug extensions, then we’ve got a range of battery operated lanterns that will add a beautiful Christmas glow without the need for additional wires.

The way we celebrate Christmas comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and our acrylic lights are no different. From the modern to the traditional, from the subtle to the playful, we have something for you. Check them out and have a wonderful well-lit Christmas!

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