Save them from the loft! Using Christmas Lights All Year Round

Putting up your decorations is an exciting time, decorating your tree with a glass of sherry in hand, music playing in the background and finally, it’s time to relax and be merry!  But no one ever likes taking the decorations down and going back up into the loft as much as they do putting them up! 

It’s an arduous task that nobody enjoys, with reams of boxes and bags precariously placed in the loft for another year. But what if we could save our beloved Christmas lights from the horrors of the loft? Make use of them all year round as opposed to them seeing the light of day for only a few weeks?

Indoor lights
Keeping your main decorations up all year round may take its toll when you get to March and you realise that you’re bored of Christmas before it’s even started! But, there are some decorations that you can save from the dreaded loft and give them a new lease of life somewhere else in the house. Make use out of your one-time a year decorations to create a homely feel in any room of the house.

Twig Trees
Twig trees are a great addition to your festive decor, adding an element of subtlety and sophistication away from the flashing lights of your traditional Christmas tree.  One of the best things about twig trees, such as this white twig tree is their diversity, adorning any room of the house with interior delicacy. But these trees don’t have to go away with the rest of the decorations because they blend effortlessly with classic interiors to create a stylish vibe in any room. Whether you decide to move your twig tree into the porch for a welcoming first impression, or you want to leave it in your living room – it’s a great way to add some warm lighting into your home without leaving the big tree up! Strip it back to simplicity for versatile decorating.  Psst… it’s one less trip to the loft too!

Candle Bridges

Although we associate candles with Christmas carols and festive gatherings, they are great additions all year round. We think nothing of lighting a candle while we’re in the bath or when we’re enjoying a home-cooked dinner– so why banish your candle bridges to the loft when Christmas comes to an end? Candle bridges are a great way to enjoy the warm lighting that candles give off without the worry of remembering to blow them out. This safe and hassle-free alternative makes for great a great way to decorate the window cills or dresser so that you never have to stress yourself about remembering to blow them out! 

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights are a Christmas must-have, whether they’re wrapped around your tree or draped over your windows it isn’t Christmas without them. But fairy lights are another great way to add some sparkle into your everyday life. If you begrudge putting your twinkly lights away with your tree, then why not try adding them to a different area of the house? Bed frames, fireplaces and window ledges are just a few examples of great places to place your fairy lights after the festive period is over. Don’t lose your lights to the loft! Make sure that you get your use out of them no matter what the season.

Outdoor Lights

We all look forward to driving around our local area to see who has gone all out with their outdoor Christmas lights, but when the sad day arrives and it is time to take your lights down not all of them have to go back into their boxes. If you have subtle or unthemed lights like this set of clear festoon lights, why not leave them out and make use of them? Decorate your outdoor area, like decking, a shed or even just through the trees to create a relaxed and welcoming vibe. We think nothing of draping fairy lights through trees during the summer months in preparation for barbecues and parties so why not get your use out of them from the word go?

Outdoor figures 

We stock a host of different Christmas novelty lights that take the shape of different animals and characters.  But if you’re a fan of cute figurines and creating a quirky outdoor space, then why not keep them out for a little bit longer? We offer more than just Santa and reindeers so you can rest assured your garden won’t feel Christmassy when it’s time to say goodbye to the season for another year. The sweet decorations look great embedded within your borders or even on the patio. So why not give it a try to ensure your lights can make a difference all year round?

So if you feel like it’s a shame to put away your decorations until their time to shine the following December, try and think of some inventive ways to incorporate them into your everyday home decor. Saving Christmas decorations from the doom and gloom of the loft doesn’t mean that you’re going to be leaving Santa up until next year, but instead means that you can utilise and get your money’s worth out of your more subtle, timeless decorations. Be creative and make a difference to both the inside and outside of your home taking pride in your decor.

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