WI-FI Lighting

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like tinsel, mince pies and more lighting wires than you can shake a festive stick at. Putting up your Christmas lights can mean untangling a sea of cables and, even once you’ve done that, finding a place to put the controller often means it gets lost and you’re stuck with the same lighting patterns day in, day out. Now we’re deep into the 21st century, that just seems so old-fashioned. What you need is Wi-Fi enabled lights!

The internet has given us many modern benefits to help mankind, but sometimes even the smallest improvements make the biggest differences. Our range of Wi-Fi enabled lights are a gadget lovers dream.

Providing you have an iOS or Android device and one ‘Master’ set, you can control up to 20 more sets of Wi-Fi enabled Christmas lights, giving your home a festive illumination with the click of a button.

For all the technology that makes these lights possible, the overriding factor isn’t the technical wizardry within, it’s the fun that they bring on the outside. We’re all used to seeing Christmas ‘fairy’ lights with a range of differing lighting patterns or colours. Your choice is usually either whether you want coloured or white, static or chasing. They’re nice enough, but we can do better than that this Christmas.

Once plugged in, Wi-Fi lights are controlled from the SMART Bright app that you can download for free for your smartphone.  Once connected to your phone or tablet, you’re given the choice of 2 timer functions so you can set the time of day that they turn on and off.

You can set this to happen twice a day to work around your own schedule. Having two distinct settings means you can have one timescale that adapts whilst you’re at work during the week and another at weekends when your time at home works out differently. Now we’re in the depths of winter and the nights are closing in, this is both an incredibly useful feature in itself, but also a great security option.

With your timings set, you can then decide how you want the lights to look. Rather than being limited to a set routine of flashes, you can control every aspect of the lights. You can choose whether to have them illuminate sequentially, steady-on, twinkle or a combination of all three. When you’ve chosen that, you can also adjust the brightness on a sliding scale to create exactly the mood you want to set. To add the finishing touches to your customisable lights, you have the ability to fine tune the speed at which the lights follow their set sequence. Simple as that.

The only choice you have to make is whether to have 1000 warm white, bright white, blue or red / white LED lights adorning your Christmas tree this year. Whichever you choose, you’re going to make this Christmas, a beautiful Wi-Fi Christmas.

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