Dar Lighting

Renowned for providing quality lighting solutions for your home and office, Dar Lighting is known around the world and is now a leading lighting manufacturer. The Dar Lighting range has a variety of different products available such as; crystal chandeliers, tiffany lighting, bathroom fittings etc.

Established in 1970, the Dar Lighting brand has been providing people with high quality lighting for over 30 years. Now, an expert in the industry, they demand the respect of both the competition and the customers. Many people have grown up with the brand and they would look no further when needing lighting.

Their versatile range includes products specific for many different rooms, places and occasions – one of which is traditional lighting. The Solid Brass, Flemish Light Ceiling Fitting is perfect for any vintage or traditional environment as they produce a warm glow to enhance the atmosphere. Another popular lighting style is the more contemporary look which works well with more modern houses. The Mantra Retro Ceiling Light is in popular demand at the moment as it helps to create a more modern atmosphere and is available in a variety of colours.

Chandeliers are proven to be very popular in today’s market and are ever increasing in demand. Dar Lighting has an extensive collection of chandeliers and other hanging lights that are perfect for larger living rooms and halls. Chandeliers help to create the impression of more space, especially in large rooms, which is obviously something people look for in a product. Bathroom lights are also featured in Dar Lighting’s collection.

The new style hitting Dar Lighting’s ever expanding collection is LED lighting. LED lighting is convenient and practical and can be incorporated into almost any purpose or use with the design kept intact. They have a low power consumption and come in a range of different colours. Currently, Dar Lighting stock the most competitively priced LEDs, so get them before they are all gone!

The lighting industry and the way business operate have been revolutionised by the internet. You are now able to buy products over the net from the comfort of your own home.

So, if your thinking about upgrading the lighting in your home or office without too much of a cost look no further than Dar Lighting.

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