Elstead Lighting

The lighting industry has very few brands that have made a serious name for themselves as most find that it is a very difficult market to penetrate. Elstead lighting, on the other hand, is one of the few lighting manufactures who have and now asserted themselves as one of Europe’s leading brands. In the past few years they have designed and developed some of the best selling lighting products in the industry.

Elstead Lighting was first introduced into the UK’s market back in the early 1960s. However, studies show that the origin of this giant dates back to the year 1686 from a small village in Surrey called Elstead. Since then, Elstead Lighting have mastered manufacturing lights of various kinds, turning it into an art form.

One of the companies most renowned attributes is their speciality in designing and manufacturing handmade crafts. Most other leading lighting bands concentrate solely the mass production element of their operations, which is why it is such a rarity to see handmade products such as those developed by Elstead. Hence, a lot of Elstead products have a very traditional style; being that they originate from the UK, a lot of those have a colonial and vintage influence.

It is not only styling that distinguishes Elstead products from competition but quality as well. The company ensure a much superior quality product as they have finer attention to detail and better standards. Whether you are looking for a classic, vintage or contemporary design, you will find that each have a finer finish and superior workmanship. Their bamboo Double Wall Light is a typical example of their hard work and dedication as it is truly an excellent piece.

The company have now adapted to today’s current technology and production methods to keep up with rising demand and use particular machines and robots to help with the workload. However, the key Elstead design element and styling is still incorporated into every design making it unique.

Lighting products manufactured by Elstead are available in most parts of the world now with the help of the internet. So if you want your home to look absolutely elegant with the help of the right lighting products, there is no better choice than Elstead Lighting.

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