‘Four tips to save money with your lighting choices.’

It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of household budgeting, but studies have repeatedly shown that both switching to energy efficient lighting, and thinking carefully about how you use your lighting, results in a significant reduction in bills. When the changes are as simple as switching out a light bulb for a more efficient counterpart, what excuse have you got for not revolutionising your household lighting starting today? Read on as we here at Castlegate Lights, provide you with four ways you can help reduce your energy bills.


Low Energy Lighting solutions from Castlegate Lights

If you’re looking to cut down on your energy outgoings as we head into the Autumn months, Castlegate Lights has an entire range of ‘Low Energy Lighting’ solutions, which will provide your home with the level of lighting you need whilst remaining optimised for low energy consumption, helping the green planet and your wallet in the long run.As we all know, it’s the little things that end up becoming absolutely paramount in the final tally. We’re also committed to never sacrificing versatility or sophistication, whatever the lighting type; and that’s why every item in our low energy lighting range looks the part, exhibiting one of several contemporary finishes.

Make the switch

As we’ve already touched on, making use of energy saving light bulbs is the way to go if you want to cut those bills. Key studies from energy watchdogs put the ‘amount saved’ figure at around £50 per lifetime of an energy efficient bulb. As an added bonus, the bulb will also last somewhere between 10-12 years longer depending on usage.

LED lights the way

This is most definitely one of those ‘in the long run’ switches, but the trend towards making use of LED lightbulbs is a result of their outstanding ability to transfer as much electricity into light energy as possible, and as little as possible outputting as heat energy. Unfortunately, if you’re a poor student, LED lightbulbs won’t be much help in heating your bedroom after the student loan runs out.

Make use of natural light

We all know how the old adage goes:

“early to bed, early to rise – makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

All three are true when it comes to making the most of those sunlight hours, rather than waking up late and staying up until the early hours, long after darkness has swooped in; adapt your body clock to the daylight hours.

On or off?

Countless contradictory studies have been released discussing the merits of whether or not you should turn light bulbs off as you leave a room; taking into consideration variables such as the cost of replacement bulbs and energy expenditure of switching on a bulb. It’s all a bit dull, but the long and short of it is that even if you’re replacing your bulbs regularly, the cheap price of energy efficient bulbs means that you should be switching lights off as you potter around the house.

Do you have any energy saving tips of your own?

There exist a litany of energy saving tactics, strategies and gadgets; and different households will swear by different approaches. Whether it’s utilising a certain type of light bulb, avoiding switching the same lights on and off as you walk through rooms, or just changing your waking hours to make the most of the ultimate ceiling light, the sun. Leave your favourite tips below in the comment section so that others can benefit from your wisdom; or, who knows, you could learn an invaluable tip from somebody else!

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