Lighting Your Home: Bedroom Lighting

Lighting your home can be stressful and tricky, you want something that captures the theme perfectly, you might want a lighting fixture that creates a focus piece, or one that is easily hidden. Whatever your lighting needs, at Castlegate Lights we’re here to help!

Our latest selection of blog posts will feature on how to light the rooms in your home; first up is your bedroom!
A bedroom can be a difficult place to get the right lighting fixtures for, you ideally want something that reflects your personality, but doesn’t draw attention away from the feature piece in the room, your bed. As it’s usually a place to relax our professional opinion would be to suggest a light with dimmable capabilities, to be able to create that right atmosphere, but with the added option to put the brightness up. At Castlegate Lights we have a huge range of lighting dedicated to just bedroom lighting, so depending on if you’re going for the contemporary style or rustic edge we’ve got the perfect style for you!



A pendant of hanging light is an excellent feature to any room, but really gives a bedroom that homely feel and distributes light expertly. Our two suggestions:

Castlegate 1

Fitting in perfectly with either a traditional touch or modern style.

A bedroom without bedside tables doesn’t feel right, where else would you put your phones, glasses, book, remotes at night!? Of course if you’ve got bedside tables you’ll need a table lamp to go on top, and at Castlegate we’ve got an incredible amount of stylish lamps for you to choose from! Two of our favourites:

Castlegate 2

Spotlights might seem out of place in a bedroom, but they are provide a great source of light if you have a walk in wardrobe or over a dressing table. If you’re looking for a discreet spotlight then we’ve got a few ideas for you in our collection:

Castlegate 3

As spotlights are usually LED they give off a brilliant clean light, which will last alot longer than your regular bulbs.
For more great bedroom lighting choices check out our full collection at Castlegate Lights.

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