Lighting Your Home: Bathroom

Whether you have a large family bathroom or something more chic and compact, it’s an essential part of any home. If you like to keep your bathroom looking stylish, then achieving the right bathroom lighting is important. Having the option for both evenly distributed light as well as a subdued relaxed atmosphere is important, but how do you achieve both kinds of lighting? Ideally there are three types of fittings that you can choose for your bathroom, these include wall, mirror and spotlights and each of which play very different roles when adding light to your bathroom.

Spot Lights

An essential style of lighting in any bathroom is the spot light. It is an ideal source of light, easily fitted and also adds a touch of modern style to your room. If you want to direct light on one area or highlight a feature, then a spotlight is the perfect choice. Ideal for over a shower or sink, but they can also be used as a main ceiling light, with multiple spotlight heads allowing you to direct light freely in any direction around the room.


Mirror Lighting

A bathroom mirror is something many of us use every morning, so having a mirror and the right lighting is essential to your busy morning routine. If you lack any natural light in your bathroom, then you could try adding some mirror lighting to the room. Our bathroom mirror lights are available in a range of styles and a selection of our designs include motion sensors, built in clocks, shaver sockets and LED illuminated lights for added convenience and to ease those rushed morning routines.

bathroom mirror light

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting might seem like an unusual choice for a bathroom, but the right design can work incredibly well. Polished metals such as stainless steel and chrome are an excellent choice and give off a very clean, chic look which is perfect for any bathroom style. Wall lighting also provides an alternative choice to a ceiling light, if you are looking for something different to add to your bathroom decor.

bathroom wall light

All lights carry an IP rating which is used to identify their effectiveness to keep out moisture, found in all domestic bathrooms. If you are unsure about any of our fittings, please contact a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you.

For even more bathroom lighting styles and designs, make sure you browse the current collection available at Castlegate Lights. We stock a variety of lights from top name brands, all of which are of the highest quality and feature both modern and traditional styles.

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