Lighting Your Home: Conservatory

There is an irony when looking at lighting for a conservatory as generally it is the brightest room in the home, flooded with light during the daytime. However, at night when the room doesn’t benefit from the natural light of the sun, it is important to choose the correct lighting. Conservatories in the evening are often used to relax – here at Castlegate Lights we firmly believe lighting can be used to alter the mood or ambience of a room, and that the right lighting could help your conservatory become a relaxing sanctuary. Here we take a look at various styles of lighting we think are ideally suited to conservatories.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is fantastic for bringing a contemporary feel to your conservatory. This attractive style of lighting can be hung from a central beam and acts as a centrepiece to your room, making a visual focus that will look great even when switched off during the day. Many pendant lights, like this offering from Searchlight can be used to create that very eye catching look.



Often a conservatory isn’t the largest of rooms, so it is vital to utilise your space accordingly. For the smaller conservatories out there, try saving some room by installing stylish spotlights, such as these Forum Lighting Singles. These can be installed along the beams or even along the top of the walls, creating a space saving lighting solution that will add a modern touch to your conservatory.



A classic yet effective way of adding soft, relaxing lighting to any room is with lamps. Lamps are great for adding ambience and the fact that they come in a huge range of styles means there’s always going to be one to suit you. Try placing a floor lamp in the corner of your conservatory, or next to a cosy sofa to add some depth to the room. Whatever the decor of your conservatory, from traditional to modern, our huge range of lamps here at Castlegate lights is bound to have something you’ll love.


Wall Lighting

Another great space saving option for the more compact conservatories out there, a wall light is ideal for conservatories with a lack of ceiling space. A wall light from Castlegate Lights will not only provide great lighting but also make an attractive feature for your wall – try placing an eye catching piece on a back wall to bring style and a subtle glow to your room.


No matter your style or your conservatory, there are a multitude of designs here at Castlegate Lights that are fantastic for adding an extra bit of style to your space. Once you’ve found your perfect light, why not also check out our homewares section to add some extra little finishing touches to your conservatory?

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