Modern Styling at Castlegate Lights

One easy way to inject a touch of modernism into your home, without a full room overhaul, is with lighting. Lighting is obviously an essential part of any room, but the right piece can also act as a fashion statement, drawing attention and becoming a feature in itself. Here at Castlegate Lights we are proud to offer an extensive range of modern and ultra modern lighting solutions, ideal for bringing your home up to date.

So what springs to mind when we think of modern style? Generally, modern style is quite an open category, however it is usually characterised by sleek lines, simple colours, clean edges and polished materials. It can also however incorporate unique shapes and geometrical designs combined with industrial materials, bringing striking pieces that can really add something new to a room. Here we take a look at different rooms in which you could utilise modern lighting, to bring a fashionable and on-trend look to your home.



Whether for cooking, eating, or relaxing with a glass of wine, a kitchen is often the heart of the home, and a room in which we spend a surprising amount of time. Practical kitchen lighting does not have to be un-stylish. Our ceiling lights incorporates clean lines with modern polished chrome, resulting in a piece that will bring a modern and stylish edge to any much-loved kitchen. The dimmable settings means these lights are also ideal for turning your kitchen from a practical place to prepare and cook food into somewhere with a relaxing atmosphere for eating and socialising.



Whether used to illuminate your front porch or to brighten up a back garden or patio area, lighting is a brilliant way to bring a whole new, ambience to your outdoor space. Lighting in an outdoor area brings a special atmosphere, ideal for relaxing in the evening or having guests around for a summer barbecue. Copper is a trend that is very fashionable in home decor right now, therefore we think you’ll love this Forum Lighting outdoor wall fitting, ideal for bringing a modern, stylish edge to your garden.



A bathroom is an area of the home that is often neglected decor wise. We’re fast to adorn other rooms with the latest trends and furniture, however the very nature of a bathroom, with it’s fitted fixtures, often leaves little room for us to put our creative stamp on it. An ideal way to add something special into a bathroom is with stylish, modern lighting. Modern bathrooms are defined by straight edges and clean visuals, meaning modern lighting fits in extremely well. We love this Endon Lighting panel light, featuring a modern, clean rectangular design. Stainless steel and frosted glass with a seamless finish make this piece sure to look great in any bathroom, and it’s built in shaver socket means it is not only stylish but highly practical too!

Dining Room


When it comes to a dining room or area, lighting really can take centre stage; even with an otherwise plain dining table the right lighting can make the whole room look spectacular. We think a modern, hanging light looks stunning as the centrepiece to any dining table – take this David Hunt piece for example. This unique and individual piece features a traditional chandelier encased within an industrial, copper geometric design. Perfect for adding a modern touch to any dining room, and sure to be a talking point at any future dinner parties!

Of course this is just a small selection from the large range of modern and ultra modern lights we stock. With options to filter based on room, finish and fittings, it couldn’t be easier at Castlegate Lights to find the perfect piece to give your home a modern refresh!

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