Facts About LED Lighting You Never Knew

In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and make our home much greener, many have already made the transition to LED lighting; but what advantages does it really have? Is it worth switching your entire home to LED? To help you decide, here’s just a handful of interesting facts about LED and other low energy bulbs.

If each household in the UK installed one energy saving bulb, the CO2 saved could fill the Royal Albert Hall 2,000 times over.


On average, lighting accounts for 20% of a household’s electricity bill.


£1.8 billion per year is spent on electricity to power UK households.


If you change all your bulbs to energy saving bulbs in your home, you’ll save around 100KG of CO2 per year.


Energy saving bulbs use around 80% less energy than traditional bulbs.


If every UK household installed a single energy saving bulb, the amount of CO2 saved would be equal to taking 100,000 cars off UK roads.


LED bulbs last around 10x longer than traditional bulbs.


Each LED bulb could save you around £390 over its lifespan.


Traditional incandescent bulbs are only 9-10% efficient.


LED bulbs attract less bugs than traditional, UV emitting bulbs.


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