Autumn Lighting

No sooner has summer been and gone, than we start our inevitable countdown to Christmas. Before we get to those cold winter nights, we have to ease ourselves comfortably into autumn.

Sadly, in this country, an Indian Summer is a very unusual occurrence, so most of us will have to contend with a very English Autumn. Even though the nights are pulling in, the temperatures starting to dip and it’s getting dark earlier, you can still make your home feel cosy and look amazing with some clever use of lighting. With some simple additions or small changes to your existing decor, the right amount of lighting means that your home will be perfectly suited to this time of year.

Having the option to incorporate subtle variations in your lighting can suit not only your ever-changing mood, but the gentle ebb and flow of the new season. It is a brilliant way to set the scene and get your home ready for the onset of those darker, colder nights.

Lighting variations can often be overlooked, but can really alter the atmosphere and aura of a room.  The long summer days mean that lighting is often unnecessary until late, but as the autumnal nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, lighting begins to take centre stage in many homes.

If you want to keep the winter at bay, lighting is a fantastic way to do that. Nothing says warm and cosy like the clever use of lamps. Modern lighting lends itself very well to lamps in all sorts of guises. They are very affordable, come in all shapes and sizes and, by using different wattage bulbs, become an incredibly versatile and cost-effective way to create a lovely warm feeling in your home.

Whether you want to go for floor lamps to uplight corners or highlight features of your room that get missed, floor-standing lamps will help you do that. This idea shouldn’t be restricted to your living room lighting. They work just as well in the hallway, dining room and even the kitchen. You can also pair them together to add interesting lighting features to your existing decor.

Floor lamps, just like tabletop lighting, come in a huge range of styles to suit every decor. Autumn textures on the base or stand also lend themselves to modern lighting designs. Whether you choose the more contemporary urban materials like antique chrome or brushed aluminum, or stick with the classics like marble or wood, you can be sure that autumn will become remembered for its warmth, rather than the onset of winter.

If table lamps are more your style, then you won’t be disappointed by the options available. Autumn lends itself very well to lighting that finds the perfect balance between lighting and style, and lamps, especially table lamps, do that brilliantly. In autumn, we would always recommend subtle colours that reflect the season and lighting that offers a soft, warm hue. This creates a warm feeling inside, regardless of the cooler temperatures outside.

Recently, we’ve seen the trend for copper string lighting increase in popularity. This deep metallic, highly reflective colour lends itself very well to the autumn leaves falling from the trees. They can be used to create lighting that is both easy on the eye and subtly stylish, whether they are stretched over furniture, around door frames or intertwined with plants. It doesn’t have to be Christmas for string lights to find their way into your home.

So, as the leaves begin to fall and anticipation of Christmas begins to grow, make sure you make the most of what autumn has to offer, both inside your home and out.

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