Halloween Lighting

With Halloween just around the corner, our newly found love for all things spooky and kooky coincides nicely with the darker nights, especially when it comes to decorating your home in Halloween-centric lighting. It’s time to bring out your scary side and find out how to light the darker corners of your room and have some fun whilst doing it.

When it comes to Halloween, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time. It’s hard to think of a time when Halloween was simply defined by knocking on a few doors with a scooped-out turnip asking for a penny. Today, we’re expected to decorate our homes, dress-up more than we would if we were going to a black-tie event and embrace all things eerie.

Christmas used to be the only time we really did any form of additional decoration to our homes, but now we have Halloween too. We don’t have to wait for the festive period to turn our homes into something frighteningly fun. At Halloween, for every fake spider’s web we add, there are some real lights that can really enhance the ghoulish atmosphere we strive to create.

There is far more to creating modern, yet atmospheric, Halloween lighting theme than some battery powered flickering candles. The range of lighting that is available can turn any home into an archetypal witches den. If you’re hosting a spook-tacular party or just joining in with your trick-or-treat visitors, we’ve got everything you need.

Whether you go for a series of string lights that drape ominously across your bookcases, fire surrounds or windows, or the more specifically Halloween-themed LED fairy lights that set the mood for your party. Halloween lighting has never been easier, or more affordable, to incorporate into your home.

Of course when it comes to colour, nothing says Halloween more than orange and purple. Orange always feel more apt when it comes to the witching hour. Whether that plays on our fondness for pumpkins or just because they look great in the darkness, orange lights seem to enchant every room. Thankfully, due to their energy efficiency and their cool-to-the-touch surroundings, LED lighting really works well when it comes to Halloween. Our range of string pumpkin lights or even our LED illuminated acrylic pumpkin that can be used outside really will set the tone.

Don’t limit your Halloween thinking to novelty lights, any style of copper lighting will add to the atmosphere on All Hallows’ Eve, but also work just as well throughout the year. Whether you’re using copper as the finish to your table lights or bringing it through with your ceiling pendant or shade, it really lends itself very well to any home.

On this October 31st, when Halloween is in full swing, whether you’re going for scares or not, there’s a perfect opportunity to illuminate your home that will shine a whole new light on the things that normally go bump in the night.

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