Traditional Lighting

Walk into most lighting showrooms these days and you’ll be amazed by the sheer range of lights you can buy. You could also be forgiven for thinking that everyone in the world is buying incredibly stylised, contemporary lighting, but that isn’t the case. Traditional lighting still has its place in any home, regardless of age.

When you think about it, the term ‘traditional’ is entirely subjective. What might represent traditional lighting with one person, might mean something completely different for another. Whatever traditional means to you, we’ve got a range of lighting that is going to work beautifully in any room of your home.

For most people, traditional lighting is the polar opposite of the cutting edge designs that dominate most showrooms. Sharp angles, covered in chrome or aluminium plated designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie have their place, but nothing says warm, cosy and comfortable more than a traditional Tiffany table lamp or a beautiful brass-finished ceiling chandelier or pendant.

The term ‘traditional’ doesn’t really do justice to the sheer range of styles that could be grouped under it. For many, traditional refers to the past, but that’s not a bad thing. Many of the lights we see today owe a debt to the styles, materials and manufacturing processes of history. There’s a reason why classic designs become classic.

Don’t think of traditional lighting as something your own parents or grandparents would be interested in. There are some incredibly beautiful designs and some styles that would look perfect in your home today, whatever decor you have. Whether you’re going for an art-deco lamp or a Victorian pendant to bring some period-style lighting into your home, we’ve got something for you.

Traditional lighting is just as modern as any other style of lighting, there’s no denying it. It bears all the hallmarks of the great designs that came before. From the very traditional brass finished lights and white shades that occupied so many homes, right through to the antique chrome desk lamps of yesteryear which all still look fantastic today.

Vintage styles incorporating traditional materials mean that you can express your own personal taste with lights that come with a story behind them. A story you can tell has been passed down from generation to generation. Today we may have brushed aluminium, but that owes a debt to the chrome and antique brass of times gone by. Traditional lighting, however, doesn’t start and end there. The range of finishes include wood and marble right through to nickel and the matt black finishes that emerged in the 80s.

Many of the traditional lights we sell do incorporate modern touches to bring them up-to-date. You can now get classic styling with the addition of 21st century LED, low energy or even halogen bulbs. The best of both worlds is only a visit to our showroom (or website) away.

Whilst the designs may be classic, the materials and modern additions means that your home is going to be enhanced by the inclusion of something timeless. Traditional may be a term that’s subjective, but one thing it’s not is old-fashioned. Far from it. We’ve got hundreds of lights available that prove that beyond any doubt. Come and take a look.

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