Konstsmide Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of Christmas that often gets overlooked. When we think ‘Christmas’, we might think about the presents, the dinner or the tree, but all of those things are enhanced by lighting. Whether it comes from naked light through candles or the electric variety we’ve come to rely on. Either way, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without something to light up the darkness. For us, only one name really comes to mind when we think about Christmas lighting, and that’s Konstsmide.

Konstsmide’s range of traditional, modern and even novelty lighting brings together historical design, modern aesthetic and a sense of fun to deliver beautiful lights that would look right at home as part of anyone’s festivities.

Konstsmide, as a company, started in 1942 in Gnosjö, Sweden. Bus driver Gunnar Johansson wanted to do something different in his life, and decided to make wrought iron flower stands and garden ornaments. As you do.

This led him to start his own company in rented premises. By the 1950s they moved onto producing electric candlesticks and now do that across Europe. Their bold innovation coupled with classic Nordic design means that they’re still a thriving business, producing beautiful lights and we’re proud to be able to offer them to you.

Konstsmide have come a long way since they first produced their range of electric candlesticks all those years ago. They still do them, and they still look amazing, but their range has grown so they are bound to have something for your home this Christmas.

If you’re looking for string lights, they have some fantastic designs to suit every room. Whether you want to go for an animal motif, then you can choose from reindeers or polar bears. If you want something different, but equally as playful, then we have some incredible gingerbread men (and women) string lights.

It’s not just inside your home that Konstsmide lights evoke a real sense of Christmas. We have a fabulous range of acrylic animals that would look fantastic in the garden or in the porch of your home. They will give your home a real sense of fun at Christmas and the kids will love them. Whether you want to go traditional with candles, be adventurous with a St. Bernard dog (brandy not included sadly) or even go a little alternative with a penguin, these acrylic figures will look spectacular through the Winter nights.

Our favourite Nordic lighting company also have a range of welcome lights with some very strong Christmas themes. There are a wide range of scenes, all providing the quintessential Christmas card images of villages, forests or churches. They give a warmth to any home and evoke all your best memories of Yuletides that have gone before.

Whichever Konstsmide lights you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be buying lighting that gives you so much more than illumination. They are all well-made with a wide range and can suit your home whether your decor is modern or traditional.

Whilst Santa may call Lapland his home, it’s not the only thing that Scandinavia can contribute to your Christmas this year.

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