Novelty / Children’s Lighting

Christmas might have just left us so you could be forgiven for thinking that Santa brought the children enough to keep them busy long into the new year. We like to think we know our customers (and kids in general) well enough to realise it’s a never-ending treadmill of giving and receiving. For a company that sells incredible children and novelty lights like us, we couldn’t be happier.

For the most part, lighting throughout the rest of the home serves a singular purpose. It helps us light the darkness for our security, but when it comes to kid’s bedrooms, it can be so much more than that.

Children’s lighting can, of course, give them light in their rooms, but it also gives you the option to do so whilst having a real sense of fun with it. Our range of fun, novelty lighting will give you and the kids something very real to smile about.

When it comes to the kid’s bedroom or playroom, don’t think you have to limit your options when it comes to illuminating their own spaces. The range of children’s lighting is just as varied and adaptable to decor as it is for lights in any other room in the house.

If you’re looking to decorate the kid’s room, lighting can be used to create the perfect environment to make them feel safe, happy and relaxed. The variety of lighting open to any parent or guardian is astounding and, here at Castlegate Lights, we are proud to offer such a wide array of options.

Fun lighting should be exactly that. Fun. We’ve got some ceiling lights that are the epitome of a fun time at night time, so much so they might never want to turn them off. Whether you’re looking to cater for a boy or girl (or both) then we have something for you. Our range of Eglo lighting gives you the choice between cars and flowers, both emanating from the centre light. If you’re wanting to go a little further, then they also do a fantastic 3-light fitting with each light in the shape of a colourful aeroplane, ready to take your child on a journey in their dreams.

Taking that concept to the next level, Searchlight have some amazing pendants that are both fun and incredibly cool. Who says that lighting for kids shouldn’t have a sense of style! Whether you’re a fan of planes, F1 race cars or helicopters, their ceiling lights will look amazing in any room and we’re including the man-cave in that too!

One of the reasons kid’s lighting is so popular is because most of them, especially the younger ones, like to seek assurances from having a night light in the room. If you’re needing some way to add low level lighting in your child’s bedroom then we have exactly what you’re looking for.

These days, night lights can be plugged directly into, and also emit light from, the power socket itself. We even have some that work automatically with a dusk to dawn sensor so you never have to worry about switching them on or off. One less job for a busy parent.

Children’s lighting, like children themselves, should never be patronised. The range of lighting for their rooms is as diverse as they are. Lighting can be fun and practical and we have everything you need to make give them a room they deserve, at a price you deserve.

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