Rustic Lighting

Lighting, like fashion or food, comes in cyclical trends. The current ‘must have’ item one year. can easily be replaced the next. That’s not a bad thing. We all move with the ebb and flow of what we like and we decorate, and redecorate, our homes and ourselves to illustrate these changes over and over again.

When it comes to interior design, terms like ‘shabby-chic’ and ‘rustic’ can mean different things to different people. Here at Castlegate Lights, rustic means a range of stylish, well-crafted and an incredibly popular range of lights that includes stunning wall lights, beautiful ceiling lights and inspiring floor lamps.

Rustic, as a term, means something that is made in a plain and simple fashion. That’s not to say that rustic means it’s going to be bland or uninspiring, far from it. Rustic is a way of life that will bring a style to your home that is the exact opposite of boring.

Our range of rustic lighting shows that ‘plain and simple’ doesn’t do justice to the term. The finishes that are used in our rustic lighting cover everything from bronze, hammered brass right through to black metal and even concrete. Any well-designed lighting scheme will reflect its style in the warmth of its illuminated glow. Rustic lighting is no different.

Rustic lighting can really transcend history. If you’re one of those crazy modernists who like to display their reliance on this new-fangled electricity, then we can give you some beautifully well-made wall, ceiling or table lamps that look rustic, but also feel very modern. If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to your version of rustic, then we can help you too. Our range of Elstead lights look like you’re sticking with candlelight, but don’t worry, they really use three stunning onyx glass shades to resemble thick church candles. Either way, they look amazing.

One of the great things about rustic lighting, is the differences in styles that embrace it. If you’re looking for wall lights, then you can choose from porthole lights, urban, almost ‘steampunk’ style lamps or even very urban cement effect lights from Mantra. This diversity also covers the floor lamps and ceiling lights we stock. Whatever finishes you prefer, styles you favour or budget you’re looking to spend, all can be harmoniously catered for with our rustic styles.

If you’re feeling the rustic vibe, then you can go beyond lighting. We have a range of candle holders and mirrors that both complement the lights you’re using and helps to create a theme that is going to last longer than any fashion phase. You might think rustic only applies in old buildings in the country. We’re sure that, by looking at the fantastic range we have in stock, that this simply isn’t true.

Rustic might mean ‘plain and simple’ in a dictionary definition, but it also means stylish and contemporary. Modern and elegant. To us, rustic means beautiful lighting at fantastic prices. Come and take a look at exactly what we mean.

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