Copper Lighting

When we talk about copper lighting, we’re not talking about blue flashing sirens, we’re talking about some incredibly sleek, elegant and modern lighting designs. The rise in popularity in copper lighting echoes the current trend for traditional materials that are being reclaimed and restyled for use in our homes.

Copper, like brass, is a very warm, reflective material. It gives a metal, which has previously been shunned from our homes, a new lease of life, not least in a range of lighting that suits every type of decor.

Copper lighting looks great integrated with those favouring industrial design cues like exposed brickwork, rustic beams, wooden or stone floors. From minimal designs through to modern colour schemes like dark greys and reds, copper lighting will bring a warmth and style to your home like no other form of lighting does.

It used to be that copper lighting was only seen in hip restaurants, hotels and bars, or in the kitchen with those quintessential copper pots and pans. Thankfully those days are over and we can now all enjoy the reflective glow that copper lighting gives us throughout the home.

Here at Castlegate Lights we have fully embraced copper lighting. You can now enjoy it in a huge array of designs from wall lights, copper fittings, table lamps, floor lamps and even candlesticks. Each of them range from traditional designs right through to cutting edge lighting that would complement any hipster’s home.

Copper, as a material, gives a warm inviting tone to your home. Other metals like chrome and steel can look a little cold, especially if your decor is more plain, but copper is the exact opposite. Copper can, for example, really stand out when used to accent a dark wall through wall lights or table lamps, which all help to soften the room without taking away the dramatic appearance.

If you’re looking to give your room a modern makeover, copper is a great choice for your lighting needs. Because of its popularity, once you’ve found the copper lighting you want from our huge range, you will be able to continue the trend with complementing accessories like cushions, mirrors and vases which will tie everything together in a beautiful copper glow.

Copper isn’t just aesthetically beautiful, it’s practical too. Because of its adaptable properties, copper lighting works even with the traditional ‘light shade’. More and more lighting, especially those made from copper, embrace its industrial roots. To demonstrate this, we have some stunning wall lights from David Hunt or pendants from Searchlight or Elstead that look simply amazing.

If your style is less industrial and more traditional, then copper can work for you too. Our range of flush ceiling lights and table lamps from Endon mean that you can also enjoy the style and warmth copper gives you in a way that will enhance your home.

Nowadays you can get your light fittings in almost every type of finish you can think. Copper might not have been top of your list, but when you look at the sheer range we have and the designs it’s now being used in, we think you’ll agree that no home should be without it.

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