Recessed Lighting

Many of the lights we are proud to sell here at Castlegate Lights are specifically designed to allow you to show off your own unique style with bold, modern statements. The myriad of designs, the wealth of finishes and the sheer variety of styles all help you to illustrate your personality around your home. That said, there is an aspect of our lights that don’t do this. They hide out of view, but can play their part in illuminating any room in your house. We’re talking about recessed lighting.

If you’re choosing lights for your hallway, kitchen or bathroom, then you may already be familiar with recessed lights, but there is more to them than their insulated properties.

For those who don’t know, recessed lighting, sometimes known as downlighting, refers to the fixture which is set into the wall or ceiling. They are generally shaped like a drinks can, and include both the housing (the internal components) which you don’t see, and the outer fascia which you do. Together they form a recessed lighting that can offer an excellent source of ambient light.

Recessed lighting is a very smart lighting choice. As we said, it offers a fantastic source of ambient light, but they are also very flexible when it comes to accent lighting.  Their sleek profile means that, for those with lower ceiling or narrow rooms, recessed lighting can be a great choice. As technology improves and the fittings get smaller and thinner, they are beginning to offer illumination that is on par with many of their more visible counterparts.

Don’t think of recessed lighting as purely an ‘on’ or ‘off’ lighting choice. Thanks to dimmable lighting, like the ones from Astro, you can control the brightness and feel secure thanks to the fire rated ceiling fittings. This can work particularly well when you want to soften the mood with recessed lighting and also help to extend the life of your lightbulbs.

If you want to add recessed lighting in your bathroom or en-suite, then we also have some specific lights from Endon, which come in satin nickel or white, that are designed perfectly for the job. Equally, downlighters from Searchlight, which come in polished chrome, are incredibly stylish. Both of them can complement the clean lines in the smallest room in the house with lighting that is subtle, but practical, in equal measure.

Recessed lighting works just as well outside the home as it does on the in. If you’ve got half an eye on the summer months and are wanting to utilise (or even add) some decking, then recessed lighting adds something extra to your outdoor spaces. It allows you to extend your summer nights and enjoy the garden that little bit longer. Whether you want to go for low energy or high power, we have a range of Konstmide recessed spotlights that will add some stylish lighting to even the wildest garden.

If redecoration is high on your agenda this year, recessed lighting can provide you with a lighting option that you may not otherwise have thought about. They might not have the spectacle that other pieces might give you, but what they lack in statement, they more than make up for in minimalist style. Recessed lighting doesn’t have to stand out, to look good.

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