How Low Energy Lighting Can Save You Money

We’ve all become much more environmentally friendly in recent years. We separate our cans, we flatten our cardboard and we squeeze the air out of our plastic bottles, all to help the planet. Our green credentials need not stop there. We can take the battle to help save the world into our homes through low energy, high quality lighting, both inside and out.

Energy efficient lighting has come a long way since the humble candle. These days, technology has given us some fantastically stylish ways that we can illuminate our homes, but also contribute to the greener world we’re trying to create.

You don’t have to go too far back to a time when those incandescent lightbulbs were the only choice for electric lighting around your home. They may have served their purpose, but they were very inefficient and converted little of the power they used into light. Most of their energy was given off as heat, which shortened their lifespan enormously, not to mention they became a fire risk.

Fast forward to today, we now have many more other options, including halogen, CFL (or Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) and, of course, LED (Light Emitting Diodes); the last two being the most energy efficient. In the typical household, lighting accounts for about 18% of our electricity bill, so anyway we can reduce that will only help us save money, but stay illuminated.

Here at Castlegate, we have taken to the ethos of low energy lighting to heart and the range we have is indicative of the variety of options you have available to you. You can go from inside to out, in a myriad of styles, all designed to look great, whilst shining a light on your green credentials.

Mantra, for example, have an incredibly wide range of lighting that comes in polished chrome, anthracite, nickel or French gold, all with a black shade that will allow you to match styles throughout your home. They occupy that sweet spot between traditional and contemporary that means they’ll fit with almost every home’s decor. Their range also spans both extremes of that scale, so you’re sure to find something you love.

If you want to enjoy your own green spaces whilst saving the planet, then Forum even do a low-energy, stainless steel external power that looks stunning and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces for just that little but longer. Fantastic with summer fast approaching.

Low energy lighting, whether that wall lights, table lamps, pendants or even garden lighting, now looks as good as any other type of light. We have really reached a point when you don’t have to compromise your style to save the planet. Take a look at what we have to offer and see how you can see the beauty around you for so much longer.

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