How To Utilise Walkover Lighting

This lighting lark is no walkover, unless of course, it is! The term might be new to you, but walkover lighting has really taken off in recent years, especially since our love affair with interior design began. If the term ‘walkover lighting’ is new to you, allow us to explain a little more.

The name ‘walkover lighting’ isn’t a clever marketing term, it’s simply means lighting that can be walked over. We did say it was simple!

Whether that means it’s been integrated into flooring or stairs or, if used externally, it’s been added to paths, driveways or decking. You wouldn’t think twice about recessing your spotlights into the ceiling, well it’s the same idea when it comes to walkover lighting in the floor.

Walkover lighting can be integrated fully by being recessed into the floor, or they can be slightly raised to offer multi-directional lighting to highlight paths, or purely as a decorative touch. They work equally well inside the home, as they do outside. By adding them into stairwells, they can offer a very modern touch to your home’s lighting scheme.

Walkover lighting offers something most other similar lighting schemes simply cannot, a way to light areas that would be otherwise impractical or impossible to do. Their small sizes and streamlined designs means they are brilliant for most homes, whatever their style.

With the summer fast approaching, our thoughts will soon start to turn to long hot summer days in the garden, BBQ aromas filling the air and lazy, sun-soaked weekends enjoy our gardens. Maybe you’re getting some decking installed, or already have it in place, then you can extend the usefulness of your outdoor spaces with some simple walkover lighting.

The long days are great, but sooner or later, the darkness is going to fall and that’s when you need some light to squeeze every minute out of whatever kind of summer we get. Don’t think that getting walkover lights installed is going to cost the earth or that you’re going to need to add expensive electrical cables to get the most from it. That’s not always the case.

We have an outdoor, LED walkover light from Konstsmide that is both battery and solar powered. They are easy to fit, inexpensive to buy, discreet and, most importantly, look incredible during the day and stunning at night.

Konstsmide also produce lighting that has light sensors, which will automatically come on at dusk and turn off again at dawn. This not only gives you some stunning lighting, but also help secure your property by providing illumination to even the darkest corners of your home and garden.

Of course, these so-called walkover lights aren’t limited to the floor. You can add them to vertical surfaces too. If you’re wanting a way to highlight your driveway posts, external path ways around your home or areas of your garden that need to draw the eye, then you can use the same principles with walkover lighting.

Walkover lighting allows you to play with lighting like never before. They are equal parts subtle and useful, stylish and understated. They offer some stunning designs at very reasonable prices. If you’ve got any areas you’d like to light up, then take a look at our range and we’d be more than happy to help you make the most of it.

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