5 perfect upcycling ideas for your old light bulbs.

Replacing light bulbs can be infuriating, just when you have every bulb in the house working; one always seems to break. But do you ever feel wasteful throwing them out? Here at Castlegate Lights we have the perfect blog that will show you how to reuse your cast off bulbs in the garden.

Being able to reuse your light bulbs is the perfect way to save yourself some money, if you’re prepared to get down with some DIY then these may be some ideal solutions for you. The best part is that none of them require hours of fiddly and unachievable renovations and so they should be the perfect method to upcycle! We have a great selection of weird and wonderful upcycling solutions to ensure your home stands that little bit further out from the crowd.  

Create a plant terrarium with your old light bulbs

Creating a plant terrarium is the perfect way to reuse your old bulbs. Creating a haven for succulents, upcycling your disused bulbs is guaranteed to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Terrariums don’t require much responsibility, and therefore using disused light bulbs which can, at times, be tricky to access is a great way to ensure they aren’t just sat gathering dust.

Put your old light bulbs away for Christmas

Christmas, the time of twinkly lights and multicoloured bulbs. So why keep your old and unusable ones for Christmas, we hear you ask? Broken light bulbs make exceptional Christmas decorations, from painting Santa’s face to creating mini snow globes, it’s a great way to keep yourself entertained when you’ve got hours of wrapping to complete. Ideal for Christmas crafts, keep your unusable light bulbs safe until the festive season arises and then decorate your tree with baubles that have been made with love.

Embrace the broken bulbs

Although your old bulbs may be useless inside of the house they nonetheless make an impressive asset to your outdoor space. Hanging the lightbulbs from branches or bunting is a great opportunity to enhance the natural lighting in your garden, allowing the transparency to illuminate your garden’s best features without the necessity of a working bulb. It’s a great hack for when your winter trees become bare and need accessorising!

Spice things up(cycled) with your old bulbs

An unusual but nonetheless ingenious idea for upcycling your old bulbs is to use them as spice jars. Fill up your disused light bulbs with salt, pepper, paprika and all of your spice essentials to create a practical yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen addition. Even if you’re not a spice lover, they make a great statement piece that is bound to inspire your guests. 

Make a reusable vase out of your disused light bulbs

A super simple and hassle free way to upcycle your old bulbs is to turn them into vases. An ideal windowsill accessory, the light bulb vase is perfect after picking some home grown sweet peas. Transforming your old light bulb into a vase is a great way to incorporate your garden and home, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of your outdoor blooms in the comfort of your own home. So forget the artificial scents of your air freshener, let the aroma of the outdoors freshen up your living space.

So there you have it, 5 perfect ways to upcycle your unused light bulbs! Why not have a  browse of our range of brand spanking new lightbulbs here at Castlegate Lights?

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