Autumn Lighting: Work the New Season into Your Home

The days are getting shorter and darkness has started creeping in earlier, yes the summer is coming to an end making way for autumn/winter 2013. Just as the fashion trends change, so do home décor concepts. The bright and breezy look that worked well for the summer just will not cut it when you need your home to feel warm and cosy, this is why it is important to start planning how you will transform your home for the coming season. Here are our expert tips to creating the perfect... Read More

Brand in the Spotlight: Dar Lighting

Here at Castlegate Lights we are proud to offer a wide selection of some of the most innovative lighting brands out there, however when it comes to choosing the right match for your home, do you really know the origins of your lighting? As part of our new blog series we are going to uncover some of the most popular lighting brands, offering an insight into their ethos, company history and their signature style. First up is Dar Lighting, a popular choice for modern homes. Who are they? Dar are... Read More